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It is all downhill from here.

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The afternoon stroll

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Getting crowded indoors

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The more the merrier.

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Another looper

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Less social isolation than ever.

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Herd Immunity?

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Rotobot OpenFX Plugin 1.3.8 has tested Multi GPU support

You can find the source code used in this demonstration here: https://github.com/kognat-docs/rotobot-batch-alpha/tree/master/natron-quick-and-dirty-prototype

The 1.3.8 version is available for all of the above platforms.

Crowd Shot with some simple CGI

The Houdini Crag, ushers the crowd from the driveway
Find the inputs and the composite for Download below

https://bit.ly/kognat_driveway_shot is a 6Gb ZIP archive of the processed footage that makes up this shot.

This shot was done in the background while doing internet research.

Using Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve to Isolate a Single Person

In this tutorial I will show how to create an expression in Fusion to connect a Tracker to the X and Y coordinates to isolate one person with Rotobot Instance Segmentation, then intersect that with Rotobot Segmentation and Refine that further to create a Black, White and Grey Trimap which is consumed by the Rotobot Trimap.

This creates a layer that can be used for colour correction

Find the files here


The software is available for download, but will be watermarked, contact Kognat about a free trial.

Isolation Doodles using Rotobot OpenFX Plugin

Rotobot OpenFX plugin has been used to make video layers to repeat the founder of Kognat and the author of Rotobot into crowds while balancing a simple camera phone on whatever would hold still. No green screens or difference matting techniques have been used just good old fashion computer vision via Deep Learning.

Grab a copy for yourself and make your own meme or Hollywood feature film.

Rotobot Use for Crowds with Social Distancing

Rotobot in one take
The Alpha Channel

Processing the masks for this page was trival. It has been templated to the point where a script is placed in a folder of the movies and the digital content creation package hosting the Rotobot OpenFX Plugin will output a colour plus layer mask to make the new video layer.

Pre-visualisation for crowd shots

Simple crowd shot, from 2 minutes of footage
Original Footage
Person masks

You are able to download, all of the inputs and the intermediates. https://bit.ly/kognat_green_grass_nuke this has not been touched up apart from layering and time offsets.

Party for one in self isolation

Just before beer o’clock on Friday the 3rd April 2020, the work from home founder of Kognat, Sam Hodge, decided to set up a tripod and see if he could clone himself six times.

After a little setup he left the clips computing before dinner. Then upped the game and set them computing before watching a movies with his family.

In the morning the output was done and with a few little hand touchups the clip below was born. Enjoy!

Party for one in self isolation

If you own a standalone license of Nuke you can download all of the inputs and outputs.

Take note of the time stamps and how little time was taken between saving the largely templated Nuke scripts. Also how few and simple the touch ups are.

While the result is far from perfect, for a little fun on a Friday Night, Saturday Morning, the story is told and further touch ups could be applied.

Here are the video layers.

Find the 30Gb of inputs and intermediates here: https://bit.ly/kognat_couch_party_for_one

Fusion for Person Based AI Mask Demystified

Fusion script walkthrough by Sam Hodge, find script in link.

A link to a zipped version of the fusion script here, to load it in the fusion panel do the following Go to the menu “File…” > “Import Fusion Composition..”, browse to the file you have downloaded and unzipped it will have a .comp extension.

Testimonial by James Perlman

For this project I received a clip of the dancer on a background of water and fountains. Normally I’d have to do at least a week of rotoscoping to get the subject separated from the background, but this time I used Rotobot and it processed the entire clip while I was asleep! I absolutely love this software and I’d recommend it to anyone who needs quick rotoscoping of human subjects. The generated matte was probably 95% accurate and I did some touch up in a couple of places but it was so much faster than manual rotoscoping, this video would not have been possible without your technology.

Thanks so much for checking in, I’ll be using Rotobot again in the future!