Pre-visualisation for crowd shots

Simple crowd shot, from 2 minutes of footage
Original Footage
Person masks

You are able to download, all of the inputs and the intermediates. this has not been touched up apart from layering and time offsets.

Party for one in self isolation

Just before beer o’clock on Friday the 3rd April 2020, the work from home founder of Kognat, Sam Hodge, decided to set up a tripod and see if he could clone himself six times.

After a little setup he left the clips computing before dinner. Then upped the game and set them computing before watching a movies with his family.

In the morning the output was done and with a few little hand touchups the clip below was born. Enjoy!

Party for one in self isolation

If you own a standalone license of Nuke you can download all of the inputs and outputs.

Take note of the time stamps and how little time was taken between saving the largely templated Nuke scripts. Also how few and simple the touch ups are.

While the result is far from perfect, for a little fun on a Friday Night, Saturday Morning, the story is told and further touch ups could be applied.

Here are the video layers.

Find the 30Gb of inputs and intermediates here:

Fusion for Person Based AI Mask Demystified

Fusion script walkthrough by Sam Hodge, find script in link.

A link to a zipped version of the fusion script here, to load it in the fusion panel do the following Go to the menu “File…” > “Import Fusion Composition..”, browse to the file you have downloaded and unzipped it will have a .comp extension.

Testimonial by James Perlman

For this project I received a clip of the dancer on a background of water and fountains. Normally I’d have to do at least a week of rotoscoping to get the subject separated from the background, but this time I used Rotobot and it processed the entire clip while I was asleep! I absolutely love this software and I’d recommend it to anyone who needs quick rotoscoping of human subjects. The generated matte was probably 95% accurate and I did some touch up in a couple of places but it was so much faster than manual rotoscoping, this video would not have been possible without your technology.

Thanks so much for checking in, I’ll be using Rotobot again in the future!

Stay at home and use Rotobot in DaVinci Resolve

See how to make video layers in Resolve without compositing knowledge.

In this video there is a fusion comp script that can be loaded onto any length of footage: download it here

There are a few things you may need to adjust if you are not in ACEScc for the colour space you will need to update the OCIO Color Tranform Nodes away from the “From: linear” to from whatever space you are in, but to me Scene Linear makes sense.

Flame 2020 on Linux with Rotobot Trimap

Rotobot works well on Flame 2020 under Linux

Rotobot was used to create a mask for the people sitting in front of the fountain at Dubrovnik’s walled city.

If you want to get in contact with Kognat’s staff about getting a prerelease of 1.3.4 to test please fill in the contact form below

Nuke 12.1v1 with Rotobot Trimap with Shuffle Node

Using Rotobot Trimap starting from Rotobot Segmentation we are able to soft split the video layer of the cat onto some computer generated test patterns

Fill in the form below to get a copy of Rotobot 1.3.4 to test, mention your operating system, compositing package and if you have a CUDA card with driver 389 and above. Perhaps where you found out about Rotobot.

Kognat at Electric Dreams Adelaide Fringe Conference

Rotobot from Kognat failed a test in Fusion 16 on Windows, but macOS was a big success!

Sam Hodge from Kognat Software will be speaking about Kognat and Machine Learning in Media and Entertainment in Lot Fourteen as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival. The conference showcases creative story telling using immersive media such as augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality and extended reality. Rotobot can be used in these media provided it can be calculated off line in advance.

The test above was part of testing the upcoming release on Blackmagic Fusion 16 and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 16 on Windows 10. There is a small technical glitch which results in a big crash. Kognat staff are very close to a fix.

Update the fix worked:

The Windows Version that works with GPU acceleration on Windows has been confirmed.

To see if macOS also suffered from the same issue an install of Rotobot was put onto the macOS 10.13.3 test box with NVIDIA CUDA 10 hardware and drivers installed and it worked flawlessly. So this confirms the problem was the small glitch on Windows and not a profound issue with Fusion.

Here is a link to the Festival Web Site:

Rotobot OFX Plugin on Autodesk Flame

Rotobot Installed and Demonstrated in under five minutes

Rotobot under Windows using Nuke and CUDA

Getting a fresh build from the integration server and testing in Nuke on Windows