Rotobot is available for a free download under the terms of the End User License agreement, it is watermarked with an significant noise and checkerboard pattern, anything less crafty users would be able to remove the watermark.

If you would like to trial without the watermark please contact about getting a temporary license, we will need the physical address of your primary network device to sign a license.

Once you have a license, you can use it by following the guides below.

Currently we are using industry standard licensing package Reprise License Manager known as RLM.

There is very little to do, just set the independent software vendor to (ISV) to “kognat”, for instance

set kognat_LICENSE 9999@license-server

Where 9999 is the port that the RLM license server is running and license-server is the DNS hostname for where the machine running the RLM process is running.

if you have a node locked license

set kognat_LICENSE /path/to/your.lic


The video below is for Linux much of the process is the same for macOS


This video is for Windows

The above video demonstrations are for floating licenses.

Although the process is the same in the sense that if your license is not working you will get a watermarked image, the node locked license doesnt have a seperate application, just a file on disk which you can point to using the “kognat_LICENSE” environment variable. The videos show how to install the license

MacOS Node Locked License

Installing a Node Locked license and a .plist file to permanently set and environment variable for a user

Window 64 Node Locked License

Installing a Node Locked license and setting a system environment variable “kognat_LICENSE”