Kognat currently offers a single product, Rotobot OpenFX Plugin, which can be used in various OpenFX hosts, it has been tested in Nuke, Natron and the Fusion context of DaVinci Resolve. But may work in other OpenFX hosts.

The product is downloadable for no cost and no credit card details required. Initially the product will have a substantial watermark, of coloured noise and a checkerboard, you may initially think the product is not working, but this is to protect from piracy.

To remove the watermark, an annual license can be purchased, licenses are node locked to be used only on the one machine, or a floating license to serve the license to any machine on the network.

The downloads are available for Windows, Mac and Linux all 64 bit operating systems only.

If you need support please use the contact form and the Kognat staff will be pleased to answer your enquiry.