Rotobot OpenFX Plugin for Linux NVIDIA CUDA 9.2 for Resolve Release 1.4.3

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Rotobot is available for the following Windows OpenFX hosts:

Natron, Nuke and Resolve

With NVIDIA Driver version >= 396.37 for 64 bit Linux


Rotobot is available for the following Linux OpenFX hosts:


With NVIDIA Driver version >= 396.37 for 64 bit Linux

A NVIDIA card with 11Gb or more of memory with 8.2 Gb free at the first calculation will give best performance

The greater the number of CPUs threads available and the faster the CPU clock speed the faster the Deep Learning masks will be calculated.

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Additional information

Linux Distro

RHEL 6.x, RHEL 7.x, Debian based 12+, basically anything with glibc 2.12+ and ability to run libstdc++.6.0.19 (statically linked)

NVIDIA Hardware Requirements

Supported Cards 10 series GTX 1060 6Gb of RAM and above
8.2 Gb of RAM required when initialising first node for full support
When insufficient video memory available will fall back to CPU only computation


Not applicable, CUDA Toolkit components are self contained within the Kognat Rotobot installer, you may have any number of CUDA Toolkit versions installed. Only CUDNN 7 can be disruptive.


The Turing RTX range of cards are supported. Including cloud based T4 cards.

NVIDIA Kernel Driver

Version numbers greater than 397.44 of the NVIDIA Kernel Driver are supported, CUDA Toolkit Components are not required, it is installed by Kognat Installer.

Compatible Composting Packages

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 16.1+, Foundry Nuke 10.5+, INRIA Natron 2.3.4+

Incompatible Composting Packages

Autodesk Flame, Blackmagic Fusion Studio 16.1

Autodesk Flame 2020

Incompatible use CUDA 10.0 support

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Support

Yes, in Fusion Panel, see NVIDIA notes, please precompute to disk before using interactively, computation can be slow

Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio Support

Not compatible, please contact Blackmagic Design Developer Support on Kognat's behalf to request additional assistance.

Foundry Nuke

Fully supported, see NVIDIA notes, please precompute as a batch session for optimal performance.

INRIA Natron

Fully Supported, See NVIDIA notes, and pre compute as a batch session for best performance