Rotobot Segmentation


None of the footage below has been hand touched, the scripts were set up and left to calculate. This output was created with at most two licenses on some pretty old hardware over a five day period, with sparse occupancy, It would be hard to match the value of this as rough rotoscopy by hand, given the algorithm works while you sleep, while you are in meetings or out for lunch. There are less successful videos among the collection, you will find what sort of footage works and what doesn’t, as soon as the product is released in a trial mode with watermark, for public download. Node locked and floating licenses can be purchased to suit you and your company’s throughput.

As a reminder, here is what you can isolate via a single tick box:

“aeroplane”, “bicycle”, “bird”, “boat”, “bottle”, “bus”,
“car”, “cat”, “chair”, “cow”, “dining table”, “dog”, “horse”, “motorbike”,
“person”, “potted plant”, “sheep”, “sofa”, “train”, “tv”