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    Hey there, I’m from ingenuity studio and we’ve been trying to use this in professional VFX pipeline.
    1, First, I think it will be awesome if instead of having rotobot looking at individual frames, it looks at the whole sequence or a range of frames so it has more contact and knows what it is when it’s going out of frame, more continuity, and less flicker.
    2, the edge quality is still not good right now
    3, It struggles with close up shots, and when the people is not entirely in the frame.
    4, any chance if you can combo the tool with depth generating function it would be so awesome. and useful. or it can be a separate tool.
    5, Would be nice if there is a function to separate out all the subjects. like if there are 10 people, every one of them would be a different color or in multimatte channels.

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