Party for one in self isolation

Just before beer o’clock on Friday the 3rd April 2020, the work from home founder of Kognat, Sam Hodge, decided to set up a tripod and see if he could clone himself six times.

After a little setup he left the clips computing before dinner. Then upped the game and set them computing before watching a movies with his family.

In the morning the output was done and with a few little hand touchups the clip below was born. Enjoy!

Party for one in self isolation

If you own a standalone license of Nuke you can download all of the inputs and outputs.

Take note of the time stamps and how little time was taken between saving the largely templated Nuke scripts. Also how few and simple the touch ups are.

While the result is far from perfect, for a little fun on a Friday Night, Saturday Morning, the story is told and further touch ups could be applied.

Here are the video layers.

Find the 30Gb of inputs and intermediates here: