Batch Processing with Natron

Schematic of How to setup batch processing with Natron

Kognat has had feedback that the processing times of a Rotobot are long, compared to the typical compositing or colour grade process which is a lot more interactive. To this end we have put up a video tutorial of processing footage with Rotobot, in an OpenSource OpenFX host called Natron, which is available for download from the internet, to run the software you will need to allocate trust to the developers, as it not certified by the operating system. The demonstration is on macOS, but if needed I can repeat the demonstration on other operating systems. It makes use of the command line interface called the “Terminal” on OSX, but more generally known as the command prompt or the shell.

This is a simple process, in large visual effect facilities this batch process would be divided up among many machines where each machine will process on frame of footage and respond that the frame is complete and ask for another frame or batch of frames to process.

Using an Free OpenSource OpenFX host means you can free up license costs. While calculating long computational cycles.

Batch processing with Natron